Sunday, August 29, 2010



Maya turned two!  I am very sad that I think I lost many of the pictures I took that day.  I looked and looked and cannot find them anywhere.  I even remember taking the shots.  I bought her a little cake with a candle 2.  I remember she tried to eat the candle!!  I took pictures of the candle with Maya in the background.  Our wonderful neighbors Bobbie and Vince came over for a mini celebration and Maya opened up a big present from Gram Sharon that was loaded with Illini gear.  I am sad but I am also happy that I am able to write down the memories I do have of that day.

Oh and now I have to make it up to her by having a real party when she turns 3!  So, my family, mark your calendars for a big birthday bash in February.  I'm thinking the 5th or the 12th (Brian's birthday).  I don't care how much snow is on the ground, you all better be here :)

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